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When the Humans Are Away the Cats Will Play

Serving Cats and Their Humans since 2010


My availability is more limited than usual but if you are a current client please let me know your requested dates and I’ll do my best to make it happen!


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About Uptown Purrs

Cats are awesome. And I'm awesome with cats.

Many pet care services don't give cats the special care and attention they deserve. That's not the case at Uptown Purrs!  No dogs allowed here- I exclusively serve our feline friends.

After leaving the corporate world seven years ago, I decided to pursue a career I'm truly passionate about: cat-sitting! I've traveled extensively over the years and know how important it is to find a sitter you can trust and who truly cares about the health and well being of your kitty.  Fretting over Fluffy shouldn't be on your vacation to-do list. That's my job while you're away! 

No matter what your specific needs are I'm sure I can help. Shy Kitty? I'm great at making friends. Does your companion need pills, injections or fluids? Check. I can do that!  Maybe your furry one just needs a lap- I'm happy to provide one. We'll go over your specific needs during the free consultation.

Purrs are guaranteed on every visit!






Uptown, Lower QA
Serving the cats of Queen Anne. Kitties in other neighborhoods considered on a case by case basis.




My standard time blocks are listed below. All provide basic kitty care needs- feeding, litter scooping, lots of attention, play, and light house sitting duties. If you require more or less we can discuss your options during the complimentary initial consultation.  Daily updates with pictures are also provided.

Thirty Minute Visit- $22.00

Forty Five Minute Visit- $28.00

One Hour Visit- $ 33.00

Medications including pills, oral liquids, and supplements require no additional charge. Sub-Q fluid administration is an additional $4 per occurrence.

Preferred payment is by cash or check. Other options are available, just ask!



Holiday Surcharges

waived for current clients

New Years Day- $5 per day

Thanksgiving- $5 per day

Christmas Eve- $5 per day

Christmas Day- $5 per day

Time Off is A Wonderful Thing.

I am thrilled and privileged to take care of your kitties while you travel and I hope you understand that I am a traveler too. I've met many kitties (and other critters)  during my wanderings. Some are pictured here along with kitty art from around the globe:

I am available seven days a week throughout the year except for the dates listed below:

Oct.24-Nov.1, 2019

December 2-11, 2019

january 6-13, 2020

On other dates, especially holidays, I quickly reach capacity so it's best to book as far in advance as possible!  If you find yourself in need of a sitter while I'm out and about never fear- I can recommend other high quality services willing to fill in.

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Contact Us

  Please complete and submit the form below- I'll be in touch with you soon to set up a time to meet!

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I'm licensed, bonded, insured, and certified in pet first aid and CPR.

I will text or email updates complete with pictures depending on whether you are traveling domestic or abroad.

We'll go over your specific info during the consultation and make a solid plan for emergency vet care should it be needed. But don't worry- we'll do everything we can to avoid that!

Payments of cash or check are accepted.

I request a copy of your keys which will be kept on file. The keys are not marked with any identifiable information and are kept in a secure, locked location. Allowing me to keep a key will save us both time and effort, but I do understand that certain buildings and other situations are not conducive to this option.  In these cases a nominal fee of $5 may be added to accommodate a scheduled key pick-up.

The black cat that graces the background of these pages is my Lexie.  She was an unexpected Christmas gift years ago. Thanks Lindy!  At the time, the hubby and I were not keen on the idea- we were traveling regularly and didn't have the time for a pet. Needless to say, after a little time she won us over and has since ruled the roost! The challenge of finding a sitter that I totally trusted (I'm a worrier) is what inspired me to become a cat sitter myself. So I owe my business to Lexie...and Lindy. And all my clients of course!





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